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                  金屬軟管CASE SHOW

                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)

                  服務內容:JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)

                  簡介:JTW-PTFE型內襯四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥) 上海淞江減震器集團有限公司官方網站為您介紹:JTW-PTFE型內襯四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)信息,我們為眾多食品、化學、化妝品、制藥管道......

                  JTW-PTFE型內襯四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)

                  上海淞江減震器集團有限公司官方網站為您介紹:JTW-PTFE型內襯四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)信息,我們為眾多食品、化學、化妝品、制藥管道配套專用的軟管產品,既能滿足介質要求,還有起到減震作用。

                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)
                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)

                  該軟管幾乎耐受所有化學品,但高溫下的熔融堿金屬或鹵素除外。它不粘,易于清潔,溫度范圍為-40o C至+ 100oC。振動和彎曲的機械阻力非常出色。該產品具有化學惰性,不老化,并具有極高的抗紫外線性能。摩擦的低共效率確保了低壓降。它不易燃,經批準用于食品、化妝品和制藥應用。

                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)

                  JTW-PTFE lined Teflon metal hose
                  PTFE spiral gasket is extruded in the hose and encapsulated on the flange or joint to form a completely hygienic seal. It is the most hygienic on the market and is approved for food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
                  Structure of jtw-ptfe lined Teflon metal hose:
                  The smooth or tortuous PTFE gasket passes through the accessories and unfolds on the surface to form a joint sealing surface. During installation, it does not need to be equipped with gaskets and can be installed directly. Because the flow path is completely smooth, there will be no medium accumulation between the inner core and the accessories.
                  Characteristics of jtw-ptfe lined Teflon metal hose:
                  The hose is resistant to almost all chemicals, except molten alkali metals or halogens at high temperatures. It is non stick, easy to clean and has a temperature range of - 40 o C to + 100 o C. The mechanical resistance to vibration and bending is excellent. The product is chemically inert, non-aging, and has extremely high UV resistance. The low common efficiency of friction ensures low pressure drop. It is non flammable and is approved for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
                  Typical application of jtw-ptfe lined Teflon metal hose:
                  Recommended for: chemical transportation, food and oil treatment and various processing applications, from pure water to hazardous waste food.
                  The annular corrugated metal hose with PTFE lining is suitable for the chemical industry. The flexible hose with smooth inner surface lined with PTFE is an ideal hose product for application in the process of transportation and filling.
                  Order Description: the product is not in stock, and the general production cycle is about 10 ~ 15 days.

                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)
                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)
                  JTW-PTFE型四氟金屬軟管(食品 化學 化妝品 制藥)


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